Feinkost und frische Convenience-Produkte

Hellriegel bringt mehr Raffinesse auf den Tisch

Company profile

The import house Hellriegel GmbH & Co. KG has been founded by Günther Hellriegel in Kronberg in 1965. Today it is under the direction of his three sons Christian, Ralf and Ulf Hellriegel who enlarged and continued the creative and successful orientation of the company. Originally the import house was specialized in importing Spanish olives, today it is known for its gourmet food selection.


The company imports today from over 40 countries more than 1500 special products as well as gourmet food and delicacies.  The company knows how to find new products from foreign countries and to bring them to market. This is possible through a worldwide network of expert suppliers. Due to global connections the import house Hellriegel has established a range of gourmet foods which consolidates the exclusive market situation. Today the wide product line appeals to large consumer groups, so apart from the whole sale supply, C+C markets and catering companies entering the retail sales became also very successful.  The large product line inspires through its exclusiveness, variety and its appealing design which is considerably different to competitive products. True to the slogan „With Hellriegel more finesse on your table “we always aim to enrich our product line with new specialties and selected brands.