Feinkost und frische Convenience-Produkte

Delicatessen and fresh convenience products



Lenses belong to the most important foodstuffs since the beginning of the agricultural life. Already the old Greeks grew them in their vegetable gardens. In Italy there is an old custom according to which people have to eat lenses on the night of the New Year to get luck and wealth. Nowadays they are not only in soups, they accompany as well crawfish, Coquilles Saint Jaques and other sea dwellers. We offer for instance the tiny little red lens, the green Puy lens, the nuttily tasting mountain lens and the Beluga lens, the caviar among the lenses.

Art.Nr Description Origin Ml/Drained Content
4875 big lentils Ital 500g 12 bags
7876 small lentils Ital 500g 12 bags
4877 lentils red Ital 500g 12 bags
4851 beluga-lentils black Kanada 500g 12 bags
4852 green lentils Fra 500g 12 bags
4854 Puy-Mini-lentils Fra 500g 12 bags
4853 lentils yellow Fra 500g 12 bags
4855 lentils red Fra 500g 12 bags
4878 beluga-lentils black Kanada 1000g 5 bags
4879 dark green lentils Fra 1000g 5 bags
4886 lentils yellow Fra 1000g 5 bags
4865 Mung lentils peeled, yellow Engl 2000g 6 bags
4866 red lentils peeled Engl 2000g 6 bags