Feinkost und frische Convenience-Produkte

Delicatessen and fresh convenience products

Dried tomatoes

This aromatic dainty we offer with herbs or in seasoned oil in bags or glasses. Compared to fresh tomatoes its taste is much more intensive. Dried tomatoes you can use for various different recipes. Dried tomatoes without oil you can slice them and bake them with your bread dough, or add them in your soups or sauces or eat them just like that with your Aperitif. Tomatoes in oil are the basis to make a delicious Pesto rosso, dips, salads or tomato butter.


Art.Nr Description Origin Ml/Drained Content
3434 sundried tomatoes pivoted in oil 150g 10 bags
3436 sundried tomato strips with basil pivoted in oil 150g 10 bags
9124 sundried tomatoes in oil Ital 212ml / 190g 6 jars
343 Ital 370ml / 290g 6 jars
342 Ital 720ml / 680g 6 jars
344 Ital 3100ml / 2900g 2 jars
3433 370ml / 290g 12 jars
3443 3000ml / 2750g 3 jars
3435 sundried tomatoes in oil Ital 1062ml / 600g 6 jars